At the end of 2017 I decided to take a leave from my job as Belgian Federal Civil Servant at Selor (wich became a part of Bosa during that year), to work fulltime on projects I already was working on as volunteer & member of Open Knowledge Belgium.

Since March 2018 I work as Freelance on Open projects and you can follow up on my work via the links on here.

I still consider myself to be a ‘Civil Servant’ but now as a part of open communities trying to build a better society.

The motto I am trying to live by in my projects, is to :

Build with, not for.

This is at the same time a journey of learning for myself with trials & errors but hopefully together with you also some meaningful results.

My name is Bert Jehoul, but you can find me here and on social media also under my pseudonym jeborsel.

I helped initiating the Be Badges platform at Selor & support the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration. I have a background in Psychology & Psychometrics, am an enthusiastic R-user and member of the board of Open Knowledge Belgium.

Feel free to contact me.